Festivales en los que ha participado Mis Caminos a Través de la Danza


Paris, 1926: the precocious skill and talent for dance of 6 yearold Spanish-emigrate Emma’s leads her to perform in front of Madame Gontcharowa, a former dancer of the Ballets Ruses and current teacher of Classical Dance at the well-known Théâtre du Châtelet. Madame Gontcharowa harnesses Emma’s raw talent helping her into the Petite Etoile du Châtelet but, at her artistic childhood’s pinnacle, and with all chances to become a great Classical dancer, Emma’s mother withdraws her from the theatre - shattering her dreams of becoming a professional dance-star.

My Paths Through Dance is a coming-of-age, rags to artistic riches story which follows Emma’s journey to become the unique Spanish dancer Mariemma, and later the creator of the “Mariemma – Ballet de España”, the greatest Spanish Ballet ever. Mariemma’s paths through dance helped launching the careers of internationally renowned artists such as Antonio Canales, Enrique Morente, Elvira Andrés, Elio Berhanyer, Aída Gómez, Joaquín Cortés and Lola Greco amongst many others. All of her protégées appear in the film recounting their experiences alongside Mariemma and describe her invaluable contributions to dance, Spanish culture and history.







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